NSW Workshop outcomes

Communique on the ASL Workshop on "Impacts on Water of Coal Seam Gas & Coal Mining - What do we know and what do we need to know?"

Held on 8 October 2013 at University of Technology Sydney

We, the participants at this workshop, listened with interest to a multi-disciplinary range of speakers, covering: the physics of groundwater changes associated with CSG extraction; issues for freshwater biodiversity of disposal of saline and desalinised water to rivers; longwall mining impacts on upland swamps; CSG, coal and stygofauna; the EPBC Act – an important tool for aquatic biodiversity protection; monitoring for impacts at groundwater-dependent springs; salty gas – the ecological risk of saline effluents from coal gas and other hydrocarbon resources; and measuring CH4 fluxes in lakes and rivers – principles, processes and problems. We aim to have slides from these talks accessible on the ASL web site.

The expertise and passion of people at the workshop was demonstrated in enthusiastic and wide-ranging discussions held in the workshop sessions on ‘what do we need to know to manage this issue?’. It was unusual having experts from so many different aspects of the issue of water impacts from CSG and coal mining, and we all learnt a great deal from one another.

We agreed that we wanted some tangible outcomes from the workshop, to increase knowledge of the impacts on water of CSG and coal mining and to improve the management of this issue:


Contributions from anyone with relevant knowledge are welcome, you don’t need to have attended the workshop to contribute.

Workshop presentations will be available in due course.